Lilith Etch

Shoot event:

August 19th: remote shoots or one on one, live in studio.

at Studio Momentum

Proud to present

Lilith Etch is returning to work with me at Studio Momentum for a full day of creative photoshoots.

Don’t miss this opportunity to work with this famous Swedish model, in a professional studio setting with assistance by an experienced art nude photographer. Her inspiring, unique look will guarantee amazing results!

Live in studio or remote shoots available!

Images by Barrie Spence
Images by Barrie Spence

Lilith Etch

Remote and live Shoots

Lilith Etch is available for shoots, starting from one hour sessions.

Style will be Portrait, sensual with Lingerie up to Art Nude.

August 19th:  remote shoots or live, one on one shoots at Studio Momentum in Zele

Location is Studio Momentum in Zele, East Flanders, Belgium close to Ghent / 500 m from the Zele train station (

Studio Momentum has got an infinity wall of 6x5x4,5 , a lot of space, a variety of background rolls and background cloths, lighting equipment, reflection screens, etc.

There will be a several set ups in which the model can be
photographed. Lilith can bring different outfits and lingerie. Let us know what you would like to shoot!

Image by Thomas Holm

Lilith Etch

Lilith doesn’t need much introduction in the world of model photography… She is one of those extremely talented and experienced travelling models out there.

She has a strong, toned, natural and wild look, a very attractive smile, excellent body control and she can nail the perfect poses for different themes and styles.

Apart from that, Lilith has a great understanding for emotions and roles.

Images provided by the model – Copyright by credited photographers

Lilith's portfolio

Info & fees

Remote shoot setup
Options and fees
(Includes model, assistance and studio usage, Paypal fee can be added)

Jana is a part-time model and speech therapist. During the week she works with children with learning disabilities. Modelling and fashion are her passions, she has been modelling for 3 years now, doing fashion, beauty and body paint shoots on location or in the studio.
Recently she founded BEdressed, a dress and clothing rental for photo shoots and special occasions.

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